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Client Testimonials


"Jalen has been such a pleasure to work with, getting lines recorded quickly and very professional! He has such a great voice talent for acting, definitely recommend casting him in your projects!"


"Jalen is a wizard! He was not just able to reproduce the voices I needed, he also landed a very precise acting. He is a complete professional. He combines an amazing range of voice with outstanding acting skills, with fast response, and great communication he's a pleasure to work with. I lack the words to say how much happy I am with his work. More than recommend!"

 Jodi Kuchenbecker 

"Jalen is very quick at responding and getting the job done ahead of time, and willing to make revisions and explore multiple deliveries should I suggest them. He’s great at taking feedback and it doesn't take long for him to get what I'm going for. Not to mention the result he gives me is sweet work!"

Teresa Lim

“Jalen completed voiceover training classes with Nathaniel Dean and I over the course of a month, exploring various short form, long form, character and group reads. His ability to adapt to new voices and styles showcased diverse talent and versatility. Great to work with, friendly, focused, punctual and a fantastic team player- we highly recommend Jalen for your upcoming voiceover projects.”

Jarod Fuentes

“Jalen is an absolute talent. Such a joy to work with, being able to take direction and deliver amazing takes. With such strong dedication and passion, he is an outstanding creative individual. Grateful to work with him on my projects.”

Collin Bogert

“Jalen was an absolute pleasure to work with. His iconic booming voice brought the character to life. I look forward to working with him again.”

 Kevin Hassani

"Jalen was an incredible person to have on my team to create the Short Film "Bubblegum Ice". After the details had been discussed and approved, he was incredibly swift with the handing in of his lines. His delivery was wonderful and did exactly what I asked him to. He is generally just a very sweet and reliable person to work with and I recommend him to everyone that needs any sort of voice acting work!"

Wilogic Studios

“Jalen is a total joy to work with. Experienced, professional, and extremely versatile. A gifted actor who takes direction super well. We can't recommend him enough!”

Casey K Dickson

"Jalen is a very talented voice actor! When working on a cartoon I needed someone and the first person I found was Jalen. I’m happy to have worked with him and I look forward in the future to work with him on more upcoming projects!"

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